About Us

Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems is a renowned organization and have been established in the software business of healthcare since 1987. Our area of expertise is the production as well as sales of Healthcare Information Technologies.

The Sisoft HIS has been deployed in over 700 Hospitals across Asia; Europe and Africa. The solution has been adopted by many governments and Ministries of Health across these continents for end-to-end Hospital and Patient management. The HIS system has also been adopted by small 50 bed hospitals, large hospitals with over 3000 beds and hospital chains including more than 1 hospital. This experience of implementing a uniform solution across various jurisdictions has helped the Sisoft HIS to evolve into a one of the most feature rich solutions in this domain anywhere in the world. The implementation experience developed over the years has also helped us to construct a team of able professionals who bring several man-years of experience in HIS and e-Health systems. This team will be able to bring their wealth of experience and deploy a solution that will fully address hospital requirements in the related country and with the vision to interconnect the various satellite facilities.

For the last ten years, we have completed a number of high-profile Health IT projects and achieved great success. As one of the leading ICT firms in the region, Sisoft has been at the forefront in the execution of a wide array of Health IT projects for government and private hospitals.

While adhering to international standards such as ISO, CE, IHE, HL7, Sisoft is developing software in accordance with the Common Criteria and SPICE guidelines. Strict adherence to set e-Health standards is in line with our vision to become a global brand in providing Healthcare Information Systems.

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